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Products offer

We present you the catalog of our products with the conviction that the products presented in it will arouse your interest.

The producer of medical equipment, the company U.B.M-KOTASIŃSKA, recommends permanent medical furniture, rehabilitation made of the highest quality materials. The application of medical furniture manufactured by us is first of all the equipment of health centers, hospitals, rehabilitation centers, medical clinics, hospital rooms, doctors' surgeries, laboratory rooms, pharmacies, hospices, sanatoriums, rehabilitation rooms, and restoration offices.
Almost every piece of furniture we manufacture can be made in several colors and types of upholstery.

Treatment armchairs

Treatment armchairs Treatment armchairs designed as: armchairs for blood donation and blood therapy stations, armchairs for dialysis, armchairs for chemotherapy, treatment armchairs on one day, treatment armchairs to carry out patient examinations,… Details

Hospital beds and rehabilitation

Hospital beds and rehabilitation The company U.B.M-KOTASIŃSKA is a long-term producer of beds for hospital wards and home for palliative treatment. Our hospital beds ensure ease of use and patient safety. Attractive bed prices… Details

Dental Mobile Rolling Assistant's Cart

Dental Mobile Rolling Assistant's Cart Dental and medical asistors are our new product, which we hope you will find useful. Thanks to its structure provide an excellent demand for dental, medical and health care units. Details

Bedside Cabinets

Bedside Cabinets We offer cabinets that are complementary equipment for hospital beds. Details

Examination tables

Examination tables Details

Infants examination table

Infants examination table Tables used for testing infants. Designed for equipping pediatric and medical surgeries for children. Useful for dressing and baby care procedures. Details

Tables and trolleys

Tables and trolleys The tables produced by our company are excellent equipment for the treatment room in the hospital, clinic, health center and other health care facilities. Details

Blood donor chair

Blood donor chair Details

Blood donor stations

Blood donor stations The stations for blood collection is a device which, by using a movable backrest, is designed to facilitate the injection procedure on the right or left forearm of the person… Details

Laryngological seats

Laryngological seats Details

Privacy medical screens

Privacy medical screens We offer lightweight screens with wheels. Details

Drip hangers

Drip hangers Details

Armchairs and chairs for medical

Armchairs and chairs for medical Medical furniture is an important element of office equipment and health care rooms. All medical chairs and armchairs are equipped with upholstered seats and backs covered with easily washable fabric.… Details

Medical stools

Medical stools We offer medical stools for medical offices, outpatient clinics, dental offices and hospital treatment rooms. Our medical furniture is made of materials that allow easy cleaning, the seats are covered… Details

Cabinets for surgeries

Cabinets for surgeries Details


Desks Details

Weight scales

Weight scales Details